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Picklive Ltd. the fantasy sport wagering operator that is based in England, London has been sold to a private firm that is owned by David Galan. David Galan is the CEO of Sport Millions which is a Business to Business (B2B) subsidiary of Soccer Millionaire. As for the money that was paid to conclude this deal is not announced.

Picklive is a real time and innovative fantasy sport game that runs for the entire period of the season. The amazing thing about it is that it merges the fantasy model and in play wagering with social networking which results in a very innovative and a unique concept of fantasy sport wagering. Picklive was backed by a large number of tech investors such as Passion Capital. This support and backing up resulted in the invention of Picklive which made fantasy football a 2nd screen entertainment. The new owner of Picklive, David Galan has many optimistic and great plans for the business. This includes a planned expansion of the offering by adding other types of sports other than offering football only. This new additions will include sports such as American Football, baseball and cricket. It will also expand its reach by offering and reaching for other markets.

Galan commented on this acquisition by saying that the team who used to lead Picklive have invented and developed a real world class and a very innovative and unique technology that succeeded in merging in game betting, social networking and sport betting all into one. He also stated that he will take it to the next step by implementing the plans he has for the company.

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